Custom Hellhound Raid

Raids what never seen before.

Raid Knights

Hold The Door brothers.

Custom Home

With skill and afk zone.

Raid Teleports

Lets go raiding

Welcome to Trinity-PS

Hello everyone we are Trinity-PS Custom Server and look forward to welcoming you we have a lot to offer a large area of ​​game needs all skills function, many custom bosses many monsters even custom raids we have what are you waiting for Join us now and play #WEARENOTPAY2WIN!!!!!!#GRIND#LOVE#WEARETRINITYFOREVER!

You're probably wondering why should i play this server? because we have an extraordinary community that has fun playing where nobody is toxic.

So why wait? Come join our community now!.

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We have launched a new client! For the latest updates on our server, use the button below. Download